Solar PV in Ireland

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Cambrige Mews, Sandycove Avenue East,

Dun Laoire, Co Dublin


Output from tracking array

Tracking PV

This single-axis tracking PV array designed by Tim Cooper and Merrit Bucholz was installed on a coastal farm in West Cork in November 2007.


It operated continuously from then until early January 2014 when it was taken down because of a violent storm forecast.


The storm that followed was one of the worst ever experienced in West Cork with ground level windspeeds reaching 150kph and a hugely destructive Tsunami like storm surge. The PV array would have been completely destroyed had it been left in place!


Data collected from the PV array during its six years of operation showed that its output was c.40% higher than nearby fixed PV arrays. Despite this it is planned to replace the PV array using a fixed support system because of increasingly violent winter weather in this area.

1,400 kWh/kWp/yr

Sanyo HITs

Outputs for different orientations and slopes

Sharp Mono

947 kWh/kWp/yr

915 kWh/kWp/yr

999 kWh/kWp/yr

962 kWh/kWp/yr

Sharp Monos at Wexford

Highest output fixed PV array

1,035 kWh/kWp/yr