Solar PV in Ireland

Sound advice about buying, installing and using Solar PV systems and associated energy storage systems

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Cambrige Mews, Sandycove Avenue East,

Dun Laoire, Co Dublin


Green Building

The Green Building, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

This PV system has been operated by Tim Cooper since its installation in 1994. It operated off-grid initially and was connected to grid in 2005 using the first ever EN50438 (Irish Standards) grid connected inverters. Its still running away perfectly today after 20 years of continuous use.



Why would I get PV?

To improve your BER.

To reduce the amount of electricity you buy from your supplier.

What are the limitations?

The maximum area you can install without planning permission is 12m2. The maximum AC output permitted on a single phase circuit is 6kW.

What is an energy storage system?

There are two commonly used energy storage systems. One is called a diverter. It diverts surplus PV to your hot water tank. The other is called a battery storage system. It diverts surplus PV into a battery for later use when your demand exceeds your PV output.

If you don't have an energy storage system all your surplus PV output will be exported.... and will thus of no value to you.

I provide straightforward initial advice about the viability of using solar PV and associated energy storage systems. Where a solar PV looks technically viable I can carry out a full assessment of the performance of the system using data collected from 100's of solar PV systems throughout Ireland and the UK. I make it my business to provide hard facts and figures about the usable output from the solar PV system and the real value of this output based on your own electricity and gas tariffs. My sole objective is to ensure that you have all the information needed to enable you to decide what you want to do.  I have no interest in persuading you to buy one of these systems. This puts my advice into a very different category to that provided by those wishing to sell you one of these systems.

How can I help you

I have been working with solar PV systems in Ireland since 1994 when I participated in the planning, design, installation and commissioning of the solar PV system on the Green Building in Temple Bar, Dublin 2. I was the first person to install an ESB Networks approved grid-connected solar PV system in 2005 when I teamed up with Fronius GmbH to develop a control system that complied with the new EN50438 (Irish Settings) standards. I went on from then to install a wide variety of solar PV systems (small, large, fixed, tracking, roof mounted, ground mounted, etc.,) throughout Ireland.